Monday, February 23, 2009


Well, I enjoy the idea of blogging and think it definitely helps one follow government but am having trouble grading the blogs. I don't mind the one a week idea, with the exception of maybe having assigned blogs for specific assignments. Check out the cabinet quiz on the blog site! Great review of the material. I am also the golf coach now and will be missing several days during fourth quarter. I would like to make sure that you are productive during those class days. Ideas? I have some excellent videos and writing assignments. I thought the commenting California on Hillary's blog was harmless yet encouraging. So I will think about that issue. If you miss class make sure you follow FMHS protocol. The illness needs to be excused. Sleeping in to relieve stress is healthy but rarely excusable. Have a lovely evening.


Hillary said...

I didn't say her comment was a problem...I just thought it was weird.

the problem is if it gets creepy...which I said might be an issue in the future.

Anonymous said...

When you're gone. . .please request a substitute with an elementary school diploma, at least. Mr. Smith seemed to do well with our class, and I for one wouldn't mind him again.