Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I guess I'm a slow reader

Well the reading class was quite educational. It seems to me that reading speed and comprehension are inversely related. The faster I read the less I get. I also realized that I am easily distracted when taking reading tests. If I could I have taken the LSAT at home with a comfortable environment I'd be suing people and making a fortune. Anyway, most of you have done a nice job blogging. My JOSH Penry connection sort of scoffed at me, but I will try to get him to class. I just heard a great line on the radio- "Where in the Constitution does it state that government has the right to make us purchase a good or service like health care?" Something to ponder.

El Coit O


BrisOwnWorld said...

Hey, Mr. Coit. Do you have the link to the textbook website, where there are practice tests? Mia said she'd found it at one point, but now neither of us can find it.

TBRICK said...

Coit I hope this counts as a blog.

I feel that the government should make us purchase a good or service but I do feel as citizens of the US that we are entitled to many things and I feel healthcare should be one of them, that and a calorie chart at McDonalds next to the menu, but thats one thing that is going to take a miracle to fix.